CC Contractors is a family business dedicated to ensuring that every detail of our properties is carefully crafted to meet your needs.  

Partners Kozhaya Chaoul, Joseph Chalhoub, and Mounir Chalhoub are united in our commitment to delivering the highest quality properties on time.

Our business has grown exponentially over the last two decades, but we stay true to our original mission.

Mission & vision

Our mission is simple: to build commercial and residential properties that are high-end down to the details and delivered on time, as we have done for more than two decades. 

We will continue in our commitment to excellence as we shape the cityscape of Beirut in the spirit of honesty and integrity.


We are leaders in building properties that enhance your quality of life and the life of your business.

Each project is unique, and each square meter of our properties is designed to bring together business and leisure in a new way.  

Our commitment to innovation and our pride and belief in our employees are fundamental to our leadership in the industry


CC Contractors Company is a full-service site development contractor. We maintain a top-of-the-line fleet of construction equipment, always staying ahead on new technologies. We are experts in each phase of construction, so there is no outsourcing and no unexpected delays. From the initial excavation to scaffolding to laying floor tiles, our experts ensure that each phase is completed with precision and on schedule.